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Channel Letter Signs

Quick  Glance Product Info:​

  • Most effective & prevalent storefront signage

  • Handmade 3-D customized letters and logos

  • Typically illuminated for 24 hour viewing

  • Materials:  Aluminum frame, acrylic faces

  • Tailored mounting options per requirements

  • U.L. Approved Design & Fabrication

  • Sure to deliver high-impact results!

Channel Letters produce a dramatic visual effect that is easy to spot and is sure to outshine the competition.  At a high level, a Channel Letter sign is a three-dimensional graphic element with an individual structure and separate illumination.  The experts at Ad Pro Signs have been designing, fabricating and installing Channel Letters for over 15 years.  Let us help you "Leave a Lasting Impression".

The graphic below describes the three basic Channel Letter types.  Deciding which one to choose will be dependent on a mix of personal preference, landlord guidelines, zoning restrictions and budget.  In this decision process, there will be a numbers of factors to take into consideration.  To help narrow down your requirements and the make the purchasing process much easier,  we've put together a FREE Channel Letter Guide to help in understanding what factors into the purchasing process.  Click the button below to access the free guide!

Channel Letter Types


Front Lit Channel Letters

This is the most common type of channel lettering.  The translucent acrylic face of the letters is illuminated with energy efficient LED lighting contained inside the aluminum frame.

Five Sisters - Reverse Lit Dimensional L

Reverse Lit Channel Letters

This channel letter illumination option utilizes back-lighting to create a halo effect around each letter.  The letter faces are usually non-translucent metal with translucent backing to allow the inner LED lighting to shine behind the letters.


Front & Back Lit Channel Letters

The channel letter option really shines!  This type features and translucent acrylic face and clear backing.  This allows the letter faces to be illuminated in one color while creating a contrasting halo effect in a different color.

A Lasting Impression, At The Right Price

When it comes to your business, you can't afford not to leave a lasting GOOD impression.  The experts at Ad Pro Signs have 15+ years of experience of design, fabrication and installation to develop the perfect signage solution at the right price!

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